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Concentration-Dependent Solar Thermochemical CO2/H2O Splitting Performance by Vanadia–Ceria Multiphase Metal Oxide Systems

Figure 3

Structural analysis of vanadia–ceria systems: XRD patterns of (a) as-prepared and after cycled (b) reduced, (c) MPO–CDS, (d) MPO–WS, (e) MPO–WS–CDS, and (f) MPO–CDS–WS, pure ceria, CV25, CV50, CV75, and pure V2O5 representing the evolution of CeVO4 as a function of vanadium content and structural changes in after-cycling. Spheres, upward cones, hexagons, downward cones, squares, crosses, and crescents represent CeO2, CeVO4, V2O3, CeVO3, V2O5, VO2, and VC phases, respectively.