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Leukocyte Membrane-Coated Liquid Metal Nanoswimmers for Actively Targeted Delivery and Synergistic Chemophotothermal Therapy

Figure 3

Kinematic analysis of the GNSs and LMGNSs in biological media. (a) Schematic illustration of the acoustically propelled motion of LMGNSs in blood. (b) The CLSM images of GNSs and LMGNSs after cocultured with Rhodamine-labeled BSA for 24 h. The time-lapse images of (c) GNS and (d) LMGNS in the serum and blood under the 420 kHz and 10 V. (e) The velocity of GNSs and LMGNSs in PBS, serum, and blood media. (f) The mean squared displacement (MSD) and diffusion coefficient of the GNSs and LMGNSs in the different solution. All scale bars, 10 μm.