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Leukocyte Membrane-Coated Liquid Metal Nanoswimmers for Actively Targeted Delivery and Synergistic Chemophotothermal Therapy

Figure 5

The intracellular photothermal therapy and Dox release of the LMGNSs. (a) Microscopic images of HeLa cells with the LMGNSs before and after NIR laser irradiation and the fluorescence image of HeLa cells after NIR irradiation. (b) CLSM images of the HeLa cells treated with LMGNSs-Dox for 1, 2, and 4 h. (c) Quantitative Dox release analysis of the free Dox, GNS-Dox, and LMGNS-Dox treatments for 4 h by flow cytometry. (d) Mean fluorescence intensity of Hela cells incubated with PBS, free Dox, GNSs-Dox, and LMGNSs-Dox for 1 and 4 h. (e) Therapeutic efficiency of free Dox, GNSs-Dox, and LMGNSs-Dox to HeLa. All scale bars, 20 μm.