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Additive-Mediated Selective Oxidation of Alcohols to Esters via Synergistic Effect Using Single Cation Cobalt Catalyst Stabilized with Inorganic Ligand

Table 1

Influence of the reaction parameters on the oxidative esterification of benzylic alcohol with methanol.

EntryVariation from the standard conditionsYield (%)

2Without cat. 1
3N2 (1.0 bar) instead of H2O2 (4.0 equiv)<5
4O2 (1.0 bar) instead of H2O2 (4.0 equiv)20
5Co(NO3)6H2O instead of cat. 1Trace
6NH4Mo7O24·4H2O instead of cat. 1Trace
7Co(NO3)6H2O+ NH4Mo7O24·4H2O<10
8Without KCl37

Yields were determined by GC-Ms analysis of the crude reaction mixtures.

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