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Recent Advances in Self-Supported Layered Double Hydroxides for Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Figure 1

(a) Schematic illustration of NiFe LDH nanoplates grown on NF, (b) SEM image of pure NF, (c) crystal structure of NiFe LDH, (d) polarization curves of different electrocatalysts, and (e) Tafel plots of NiFe LDH/NF (black), Ni(OH)2/NF (red), and 20 wt% Ir/C (blue) catalysts in a 1 M KOH solution [47]. Copyright 2014, the Royal Society of Chemistry. (f) High-resolution SEM image of 3D amorphous NiFe LDH/NF (scale bar: 200 nm) and (g) TEM image of NiFe LDH nanosheets scratched off from the NiFe LDH/NF and (inset) corresponding selected area diffraction pattern (scale bar: 10 nm) [49]. Copyright 2015, Nature Publishing Group. (h) TEM line scan and (inset) TEM image of gradient NiFe LDH (scale bar: 100 nm), (i) SEM line scan and (inset) SEM image of gradient NiFe LDH (scale bar: 500 nm), (j) EELS spectra of the Fe edge and Ni edge in gradient NiFe LDH, and (k) illustration of gradient NiFe LDH prepared by the hydrothermal method [51]. Copyright 2019, Elsevier Ltd.

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