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Recent Advances in Self-Supported Layered Double Hydroxides for Oxygen Evolution Reaction

Table 1

Brief summary of self-supported LDHs toward OER performance.

ElectrocatalystsSubstrateOverpotential (mV) at current densities (mA cm-2)Tafel slope (mV dec−1)ElectrolyteRef.

3D NiFe LDH nanoplatesNF280@30501 M KOH[47]
3D amorphous NiFe LDHNF270@10003210 M KOH[49]
Single-crystalline NiFe LDHNF260@100311 M NaOH[50]
Gradient NiFe LDHNF330@10041.31 M KOH[51]
3D core-shell NiFe LDHCF315@100027.81 M KOH[35]
Intercalated NiFe LDHCR203@10421 M KOH[40]
Partially amorphous NiFe LDHNIF326@100381 M KOH[52]
Vertically aligned FeOOH/NiFe LDHNF247@100421 M KOH[55]
Hierarchical NiCo2S4@NiFe LDHNF201@6046.31 M KOH[58]
Cactuslike structural (Ni,Co)Se2/NiFeCC205@10611 M KOH[57]
NiFe2O4 nanoparticles/NiFe LDHNF265@100028.21 M KOH[59]
NiFe LDH@NiCoPNF220@1048.61 M KOH[60]
NiCo LDH nanoplatesCP367@10401 M KOH[65]
Vertical oriented NiCo LDHCFP307@10641 M KOH[66]
Hierarchical Cu@CoFe LDHCF318@10044.41 M KOH[35]
ZnCo LDH thin filmNi foil540@13.3831 M KOH[71]
NiMn LDHSC220@10331 M KOH[68]
NiCoFe LDHsCFC239@10321 M KOH[72]
Ni2.5Co0.5Fe LDHsNF275@10520.1 M KOH[73]
Holey NiFeCr LDHsNF260@100291 M KOH[76]
NiFeCr-6 : 2 : 1 LDHsCP225@25691 M KOH[77]
NiFeIr LDHsNF200@10321 M KOH[78]
NiFeV LDHsNF195@20421 M KOH[79]
NiFeZn LDHsNF250@10534.91 M KOH[81]
CoMoV LDHsNF270@101061 M KOH[80]

NF: nickel foam; CF: copper foam; CR: carbon rods; NIF: nickel iron alloy foam; CC: carbon cloth; CP: carbon paper; CFP: carbon fiber paper; SC: sponge-derived carbon; CFC: carbon fiber cloth.

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