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Centimeter-Deep NIR-II Fluorescence Imaging with Nontoxic AIE Probes in Nonhuman Primates

Figure 2

Hematological test and serum biochemistry results for treated cynomolgus monkeys. (a) Schematic illustrations of acute toxicity evaluation of the AIE probes with three different IV doses in three healthy adult cynomolgus monkeys over 36 days. (b–z-1) The results () show no effect on the immune system, inflammatory response, and liver and kidney functions. The red dashed line indicates the normal baseline of cynomolgus monkeys. Error bars represent one standard deviation above the mean. Abbreviations and reference range: hematocrit: HCT (35.4-54.4%); hemoglobin: HGB (11.3-16.7 g dL-1); lymphocyte: LYM (9.8-86.9%), LYM (); mean corpuscular hemoglobin: MCH (15.8-24.9 pg); mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration: MCHC (27.2-33.5 g dL-1); mean corpuscular volume: MCV (57.5-82.2 fL); mean platelet volume: MPV (8.3-13.7 fL); plate volume distribution width: PDW (9.3-21.9 fL); platelet large cell ratio: P-LCR (10.1-56.8%); platelet: PLT (); red blood cell: RBC (); red cell distribution width-CV: RDW-CV (11-14.7%); white blood cell: WBC (); albumin globulin ratio: A/G (0.84-1.57); total protein: TP (72-98.3 g L-1); albumin: ALB (41.1-50.5 g L-1); alkaline phosphatase: ALP (261.2-2265.0 U L-1); alanine aminotransferase: ALT (2.2-283.7 U L-1); aspartate aminotransferase: AST (22.7-243.4 U L-1); direct bilirubin: DBIL (0.3-1.2 μmol L-1); gamma glutamyl transferase: GGT (35.64-106.73 U L-1); globulin: GLOB (29.3-46.3 g L-1); total bilirubin: TBIL (1.14-7.1 μmol L-1); creatinine: CREA (62-120 μmol L-1); urea: UREA (2.9-6.1 mmol L-1).

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