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Centimeter-Deep NIR-II Fluorescence Imaging with Nontoxic AIE Probes in Nonhuman Primates

Figure 4

NIR-II fluorescence imaging of the blood vessels and lymph nodes in the cynomolgus monkey after IV injection of the AIE probes. Before performing NIR-II fluorescence imaging, we removed all hair from the monkey’s inner arm and scalp but kept hair from the hand. NIR-II fluorescence imaging of the arm (a), the hand (b), and scalp vasculature (c) in the cynomolgus monkey. (d) NIR-II fluorescence imaging of an axillary lymph node marked by the red dotted line. The fluorescence imaging parameters: 808 nm laser with a power density of 30 mW cm-2, 1250 nm long-pass filter, 200 ms exposure time using a pixel two-dimensional InGaAs/SWIR camera (Photonic Science, UK), and IV dose of 2 mg kg-1. (e–h) Cross-sectional NIR-II fluorescence intensity profiles of vasculature marked in white lines 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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