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Responsive Trimodal Probes for In Vivo Imaging of Liver Inflammation by Coassembly and GSH-Driven Disassembly

Figure 2

Characterization of GdNPs-Gal in vitro. (a) DLS analysis shows the mean size of nanoparticles coassembling from 1-Gd and 1-Gal at varying mole ratios. (b) ICP-MS analysis shows the uptake of Gd in HepG2 cells after incubation with different coassembled nanoparticles. Data denote (SD, , ). (c) TEM and (d) AFM analysis of GdNPs-Gal coassembling from 1-Gd and 1-Gal at a mole ratio of 5. Scale bars: 200 nm in TEM and 500 nm in AFM.