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Carbon Monoxide Promotes the Catalytic Hydrogenation on Metal Cluster Catalysts

Figure 3

Structure characterization and styrene hydrogenation performance. (a) HAADF-STEM images of Pd2CO/TiO2. The three inserted images demonstrated the distances between two palladium atoms. (b) FT-EXAFS of Pd2CO/TiO2, palladium foil, and the Pd2CO, (PPh4)2[Pd2(μ-CO)2Cl4]. (c) Styrene conversion profiles and (d) corresponding Arrhenius plots of Pd2CO/TiO2 (Pd2CO), Pd nanosheets (Pd NSs), Pd1/TiO2-EG (Pd1), Pd1/TiO2-cal (Pd1-cal).