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In Situ Investigation of Dynamic Silver Crystallization Driven by Chemical Reaction and Diffusion

Figure 1

Radical distribution in a liquid cell. (a) An illustration of the unclear relationship between the reaction conditions and the structures of final products, in which chemical distributions may play a bridging role. (b) An illustration of the in situ electron microscope, in which a sealed cell (inset) containing silver nitrate solution is loaded into an electron microscope.(c) The radical products generated by the irradiation of an electron beam to water. The concentrations of hydrated electron and hydroxyl radicals changing with time (d, e) and space (f, g). (d) and (e) show a quick generation of these two products followed by a quick vanishing as a result of reactions. (f) and (g) show a steady state concentration of these two products in the region irradiated and a sharp reduction outside the irradiated region.