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Phase Boundary Mapping in ZrNiSn Half-Heusler for Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance

Figure 5

Low-magnification TEM images of (a) ZrNi1.11Sn1.04 and (d) ZrNi1.13Sn1.03; inserted are the SAED patterns along the [110] direction. HAADF-STEM images along the [110] direction of (b) ZrNi1.11Sn1.04 matched with the structure of the half-Heusler (HH) and (c) the intermediate-Heusler (IH) and (e) ZrNi1.13Sn1.03 matched with the structure of the full-Heusler (FH); (f) lattice thermal conductivity as a function of interstitial Ni content at 973 K.

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