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Sharkskin-Inspired Magnetoactive Reconfigurable Acoustic Metamaterials

Figure 3

Magnetoactive acoustic double-throw switch. Schematics (a, e, i, and m), samples (b, f, j, and n), numerical simulations (c, g, k, and o), and experimentally measured transmission-frequency results (d, h, l, and p) of four function states of a magnetoactive acoustic double-throw switch: “A off B off” (a–d), “A on B off” (e–h), “A off B on” (i–l), and “A on B on” (m–p). Note that the selective actuation of the central four pillars is because of their higher iron volume fraction (18.48% by weight). The bent pillars are removed in the simulations of (g), (k), and (o).