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Sharkskin-Inspired Magnetoactive Reconfigurable Acoustic Metamaterials

Figure 4

Magnetoactive reconfigurable acoustic logic gates. Operation schemes (a, f, and k), samples (b, g, and l), simplified operation schemes with normalized acoustic pressure (c, h, and m), numerical simulations for the case of “A1B1” at 8760 Hz (d, i, and n), and measured normalized pressures of output C (e, j, and o) of NOT gate (a–e), AND gate (f–j), and OR gate (k–o), respectively. “A#B#” in (d), (h), and (l) indicates the normalized pressures in inputs A and B, respectively. The normalized pressure values shown in (c), (e), (h), (j), (m), and (o) are calculated by normalizing the pressure amplitude values by the acoustic pressure generated by the speaker with the power input of 1 V at 8760 Hz. Note that the selective actuation of the central six pillars is because of their higher iron volume fraction (18.48% by weight). The bent pillars are removed in the simulations of (i) and (n).