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Photothermally Responsive Conjugated Polymeric Singlet Oxygen Carrier for Phase Change-Controlled and Sustainable Phototherapy for Hypoxic Tumor

Figure 5

In vivo photothermal performances and production of singlet oxygen of CP1-NCs. (a) Luminescence image of the HeLa tumor-bearing mice at various time points through tail intravenous injection of CP1-NCs ( mice per group). (b) Infrared thermograph of the mice bearing HeLa tumor treated with CP1-NCs at different concentrations under 690 nm irradiation at 0.5 W cm-2 for 6 min and (c) the corresponding temperature elevation within tumor region. (d) Representative thermal images of mice (tumor sites) subjected to 690 nm light irradiation for 12 h postinjection of CP1-NCs (0.9 mg kg-1, 120 μL) and PBS. (e) DCFH-DA staining of tumor slice from the mice treated with CP1-NCs at 12 h postinjection in the absence or presence of VC under light irradiation or not (scale bar: 100 μm).