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Selective Adsorption and Electrocatalysis of Polysulfides through Hexatomic Nickel Clusters Embedded in N-Doped Graphene toward High-Performance Li-S Batteries

Figure 3

Electrochemical performances of S@Ni-N/G, S@N/G, S@Ni-N/C, and S@GN cathodes in Li-S batteries with the sulfur loading of 1.0 mg cm-2. (a) CV curves of symmetric cells over a voltage between -1.4 and 1.4 V with a sweep rate of 10 mV s-1. (b) CV curves over a voltage range of 1.7-2.8 V with a sweep rate of 0.2 mV s-1. (c) Discharge-charge profiles, (d) rate capabilities, and (e) cycle performance with limited discharge capacity of 600 mAh g-1 at 430 mA g-1.