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Interfacial Built-In Electric Field-Driven Direct Current Generator Based on Dynamic Silicon Homojunction

Figure 1

Experimental designs and results of the dynamic homojunction generator. (a) The schematic structure and 3D diagram of the dynamic semiconductor junction-based generator. (b) The band diagram of the static silicon NN homojunction. (c) The rectification characteristic of N-Si/N-Si homojunction. (d) The circuit diagram of dynamic N-Si/N-Si homojunction. (e) The current output of dynamic P-Si/P-Si, P-Si/N-Si, and N-Si/N-Si homojunction generators under the pulse movement mode with a 5.0 N force and a speed of 10.0 cm/s. (f) The voltage output of dynamic NN Si homojunction generator under the continuous movement mode.