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Light-Triggered Catalytic Performance Enhancement Using Magnetic Nanomotor Ensembles

Figure 4

Representative motion of the MNEs during catalysis. (a) Typical trajectories of the MNEs for the cases of an isolated MNE (Trajectory 1), MNE near another MNE (Trajectory 2), MNE near a growing bubble (Trajectory 3), MNE at a distance of approximately 600 μm to a growing bubble (Trajectory 4), and MNE near an unstable bubble (Trajectory 5). The color scale shows the time of the bubble location in the trajectories. The inset shows a rotating magnetic field. (b) The displacement of the MNEs for the case of ensemble-ensemble interaction, (c) MNE rotating near a bubble and isolation, and (d) MNE rotating at a large distance from a growing and unstable bubble. The red dashed line in (b) indicates the position at the critical distance between the two MNEs.