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Multieffect Coupled Nanogenerators

Table 1

The characteristic comparison of self-powered photodetectors on the basis of diverse multieffect coupled NGs [20, 35, 43, 44, 6270].

MaterialsWorking mechanismWavelengthIntensityResponsivityRise timeFall timeRef.

BFOThermo-photovoltaic effect365 nm3.0 mW cm-2 A W-110.8 s0.6 s[20]
CH3NH3PbI3/ZnOPyro-photovoltaic effect W cm-226.7 mA W-153 μs63 μs[35]
BTOPyro-photovoltaic effect405 nm209.8 mW cm-210-7 A W-10.6 s0.5 s[43]
BFOPyro-photovoltaic effect450 nm65 mW cm-20.5 s0.8 s[44]
p-si/n-ZnOPyro-photovoltaic effect422 nm79.9 mA W-10.6 ms0.5 ms[66]
ZnOPyro-photovoltaic effect325 nm W cm-21.25 m A W-1318.9 ms780.3 ms[67]
CdS/P3HTPiezo-photovoltaic effect365-780 nm<0.2 s<0.2 s[68]
GaNPiezo-photovoltaic effect400 nm35 mW cm-211.6 mA W-1<0.1 s<0.1 s[69]
ZnO/Spiro-MeOTADPiezo-photovoltaic effect390 nm3 mW cm-217 mA W-1~200 μs~950 μs[70]