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Wavelength-Tunable Single-Mode Microlasers Based on Photoresponsive Pitch Modulation of Liquid Crystals for Information Encryption

Figure 4

Confidential information encryption and authentication based on a phototunable LC microlaser array. (a) Concept of information encryption with patterned LC microlasers serving as cryptographic primitives. (b) Schematic illustration for the preparation process of chiral dopant-doped LC inks. Ink 1 and ink 2 are prepared by dissolving chiral dopants of photoresponsive CD-1 and photo-nonresponsive CD-2 into the LC matrix, respectively. (c) Information encryption process, which is carried out by encoding the raw information in a LC microlaser array via inkjet printing. Scale bar: 50 μm. (d) Information authentication and hiding processes on a LC microlaser array. The LC microlasers, whose wavelengths represent the binary code of “1,” are depicted as the white squares in the middle panel. Scale bar: 50 μm.