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Optical Patterning of Two-Dimensional Materials

Figure 5

Optothermoplasmonic nanolithography. (a) Schematic for preparation and optical patterning of 2D material on a quasicontinuous Au film. (b) Schematic of optothermoplasmonic patterning of graphene along with simulated temperature distribution at the laser spot with an incident laser intensity of 6.4 mW/μm2. (c) Linewidth of patterned graphene as a function of laser intensity. (d) Feature size of graphene nanoholes as a function of exposure time of laser. (e) DFT modelling of graphene oxidation on Au film. (f) Images of patterned MoS2 nanohole array (scale bar: 5μm), graphene nanorectangles (scale bar: 5 μm), and “Graphene” text pattern (scale bar: 50 μm). Reproduced from Ref. [74] with permission from Wiley, copyright 2018.