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Crystalline Structure-Dependent Mechanical and Thermoelectric Performance in System

Figure 2

(a) Strain-stress curves for the three-point bending test of (, 0.1, 0.3, and 0.4) samples at 300 K. The tests were performed by using a dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA). The insets show the optical images of Ag2Se0.6S0.4 sample before and after the bending test. The data for Ag2S are included for comparison [22]. (b) Vickers hardness of under the load of 0.3 kgf. The insets are micrographs of indention. Vickers hardness of Ag2S reported in Ref. 22 is included for comparison. (c) Ag2Se0.6S0.4 strips twisted into various shapes. The thickness of Ag2Se0.6S0.4 strips is 0.1 mm.