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Asymmetric Schottky Contacts in van der Waals Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Structures Based on Two-Dimensional Janus Materials

Figure 3

(a), (b) Schematic diagrams of electric field screening effect combined with intrinsic (orange arrows) and interfacial (purple arrows) in contacts with S-S () and S-Se () interfaces, respectively. The axis perpendicular to the plane is corresponding to the abscissas of subplots (e)-(h). (c), (d) The and of and under different . The vertical grey dashed lines indicate the in balanced states. The illustrations are corresponding band structures of contacts at different . The yellow to red and purple to blue lines indicate the movements of VB and CB of Janus MoSSe. The arrows and tags indicate the p-type barrier differences. (e), (f) The separated and of monolayers in and versus position, respectively. (g), (h) The and of and versus position, respectively. The arrows in plot (g) and (h) indicate the differences of electrostatic potentials from metal to semiconductor ().