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Triboelectric Nanogenerator Enabled Smart Shoes for Wearable Electricity Generation

Table 1

The output performance and main features of the TENG enabled smart shoes.

TENG’s positionStructural design featuresMain propertiesVoltageCurrentPowerDurationReferences

On the insoleTextiled TENG with plastic metal electrodesFlexible and stable30.96 V3.07 μA13.97 μW7200[158]
Multilayer TENG with porous nanocompositeStretchable55 V170 nA[159]

Embedded into the insoleMultilayer TENG with a zigzag-shaped substrateFlexible220 V600 μA[163]
Simple TENG with nanofibrous membraneBreathable, lightweight and flexible540 V110 μA6000[130]

Engineered into the insoleAn airtight-cavity-airbag structural insoleWaterproof and durable528 V81.2 μA5.47 mW10000[131]
pDA-modified TENGSimple, antibacterial, and antifouling80 V28.8 μA311.3 μW[166]

Integrated into the soleMultilayer TENG with a zigzag-shaped substrateHigh-efficient and lightweight700 V1.044 mW[132]
Multilayer elastomeric TENG with closely stacked archesHigh mechanical robustness and waterproof16.2 μA200000[171]

Under the soleTube-shaped TENGWaterproof and anticorrosive140 V[133]
TENG based PU foam and PTFESoft and lightweight120 V2 μA[175]