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Vertical Graphenes Grown on a Flexible Graphite Paper as an All-Carbon Current Collector towards Stable Li Deposition

Figure 3

Illustration of Li plating/stripping behavior on the VG@GP. (a) Schematic showing the Li plating behavior on the VG@GP. SEM images of VG@GP after plating (b) 0.05 mAh cm-2, (c) 0.3 mAh cm-2, and (d) 0.5 mAh cm-2 of Li and after stripping (e) 0.2 mAh cm-2, (f) 0.45 mAh cm-2, and (g) 0.5 mAh cm-2 of Li from VG@GP. Li plating/stripping states (b–g) are marked in the (h) galvanostatic discharge/charge voltage profile obtained at 1 mA cm-2. The inset scale is 2 μm.