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A Versatile Surface Bioengineering Strategy Based on Mussel-Inspired and Bioclickable Peptide Mimic

Figure 2

(a) Schematic illustration of the DOPA4-azide-coated substrate for second-step surface biomodification through bioorthogonal DBCO-azide click reaction. (b) Bioorthogonal PEGylation on the TiO2 surface using DBCO-PEG. (c) GATR-FTIR spectra of the DOPA4-azide-coated and PEGylated surfaces. (d) XPS analysis of the TiO2 surfaces at each step of surface treatments. (e) SMC adhesion at 2, 24, and 72 h. (f, g) SMC proliferation by the CCK-8 assay and cell counting. (h) Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of adherent blood platelets. (i) Average numbers of adherent blood platelets. (j) Fibrinogen absorption and activation. Statistically significant differences are indicated by .