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A Versatile Surface Bioengineering Strategy Based on Mussel-Inspired and Bioclickable Peptide Mimic

Figure 4

(a) Structural formula of the DBCO-modified cyclen DBCO-DOTA with the ability to chelate Cu(II). (b, c) Cu(II) chelation and bioorthogonal conjugation to form a DOTA@Cu-modified 316L SS substrate. (d) Time-dependent NO generation from the DOTA@Cu-modified 316L SS substrate. (e, f) SEM images and numbers of adherent platelets after incubation with different 316L SS substrates. (g) Schematic illustration of the rabbit AV shunt model. (h) Cross-sectional photographs of tubing and the corresponding thrombus in different groups. (i) SEM images of platelet activation and fibrinogen activation on different 316L SS substrates. (j) Quantitative results of the thrombus weight, blood flow, and occlusion rate in different groups. Statistically significant differences are indicated by .