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Face Masks in the New COVID-19 Normal: Materials, Testing, and Perspectives

Table 3

Properties of commercially available antimicrobial masks.

Mask brandClassificationaAntimicrobial in outer layerAntimicrobial in inner layerMask proven biocidal againstRef.

Nexera Medical SpectraShieldTMN95 (ONT)Ag-Cu zeoliteXBacteria; virus[283286]
GlaxoSmithKline Actiprotect®N95 (ONT)Citric acidXVirus[249, 250]
Filigent BioFriendTM BiomaskTMN95 (ONT)
Surgical (OUK)
Citric acidCu NPs
Zn NPs
Virus[277279, 281, 282]
Innonix RespoKareTMSurgical (OUK)Citric acidCu NPs
Zn NPs
NBC Meshtec Cufitec®Surgical (OUK)CuI NPsXVirus[225, 226]
Anson Nano SilverSurgicalXAgNPsBacteria; fungi[214, 288]
Copper ClothingWashable KN99 (FFP3)CuxO NPsXBacteria; virus; fungib[233, 234]
Cupron Inc.WashableCuxO NPsXBacteria; virus; fungi b[227229]
CopperlineWashablecCuxO NPsXBacteria[230, 231, 289]
Argaman BioBlockXTMReusabledCu2O NPs
Ag4O4 NPs
Cu2O NPs
Ag4O4 NPs
Bacteria; virus[244, 245]
Sonovia SonomaskTMWashableXZnO NPsBacteria[240, 241]

aMedical and/or FDA classification. OUK = FDA clearance as a surgical mask with antimicrobial/antiviral agent; ONT = FDA clearance as an N95 mask with antimicrobial/antiviral agent. Washable/reusable masks do not require any certification. bAntimicrobial tests were performed only on fabric but not directly on the masks. cSingle HEPA filter provided with the mask is not washable or reusable. dReusable but not recommended to be laundered.