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Structure-Enhanced Mechanically Robust Graphite Foam with Ultrahigh MnO2 Loading for Supercapacitors

Figure 4

Electrochemical characterizations of MnO2/HGF. (a) CV curves and (b) areal capacitances of HGF and MnO2/HGF. (c) Comparison of areal capacitance and loading mass of MnO2/HGF with those of previously reported MnO2-based electrodes. (d) CV curves of MnO2/HGF with different mass loadings of MnO2. (e) Areal capacitances and volumetric capacitances and (f) specific capacitances obtained from MnO2/HGF with different mass loadings of MnO2 at different current densities. (g) Cycling performance of MnO2/HGF at a current density of 50 mA cm-2.