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Smart Microneedles for Therapy and Diagnosis

Table 4

Cargos delivered by microneedles.


Small moleculeKanamycinAntibacteria[79]
MetforminDiabetes treatment[80]
Triamcinolone acetonideHypertrophic scar therapy[81]
FinasterideAndrogenetic alopecia treatment[82]
Sodium nitroprussideAntihypertensive treatment[84]
Antiproliferative drugsVascular disease treatment[25, 85]
Besifloxacin, diclofenacEye disease treatment[86]

Nucleic acidDNA vaccineVaccination, cancer immunotherapy[8789]
Short interfering RNAGene expression inhibition[90]
DNA aptamerBlock protein[91]

Protein or peptideInsulinDiabetes treatment[49, 92, 93]
Virus-related antigensVaccination[42]
AllergenAllergen skin testing or immunotherapy[94]
AntibodyDisease treatment[95]
CollagenCosmetics and wound healing[96]
Tumor-related antigensCancer immunotherapy[39]
CGRP antagonist peptidePain release[15]
DC101Eye disease treatment[86]

LiquidProtein drug solution, small molecule drug solution, vaccine solutionDisease treatment, vaccination[97, 98]

NanovehicleLiposome, mesoporous silica nanoparticles, polymer vesicles, mineralized nanoparticlesDisease treatment, vaccination, anticancer[99105]

CellMelanocyteLeukoderma therapy[106]

Cell secretionInsulin secreted by β-cells, regenerative factors secreted by CSCsDisease treatment[107, 108]

Inactivated microbe vaccineInactivated influenza virus vaccineVaccination[1, 2]

Cell extractTumor lysateCancer immunotherapy[109]
ExosomeHair loss therapy[110]


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