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Perovskite-Enhanced Silicon-Nanocrystal Optoelectronic Synaptic Devices for the Simulation of Biased and Correlated Random-Walk Learning

Figure 3

Synaptic functionalities of the synaptic device. (a) EPSC of the synaptic device stimulated by two sequential 532 nm laser spikes with a 200 ms . One spike duration is 200 ms, and the power density of the laser is 2 μW/cm2. (b) Dependence of the PPF index on . (c) EPSC induced by 532 nm laser spikes with different spike quantities. The spike duration and are both 200 ms. (d) Dependence of the synaptic weight change () on the quantity of spikes. (e) EPSC induced by ten successive 532 nm laser spikes with different spike frequencies. The spike duration is 200 ms. (f) Dependence of on the spike frequency.

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