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Amplifying Orbital Angular Momentum Modes in Ring-Core Erbium-Doped Fiber

Figure 4

Measured BER performance of the data-carrying OAM-DM and WDM system using a RC-EDF-assisted OAM fiber amplifier. (a, b) Measured BER versus received OSNR of multiplexed OAM+1 and OAM-1 modes carrying 10-Gbaud QPSK (a) or 10-Gbaud 16-QAM (b) signal for single wavelength amplification at 1540, 1550, and 1560 nm, respectively. (c, d) Measured amplified spectra of OAM+1 (c) and OAM-1 (d) modes. (e) Measured bit-error rate (BER) versus received OSNR for amplification of multiplexed OAM+1 and OAM-1 modes over four 100 GHz ITU-grid wavelengths. EFEC: enhanced forward-error correction; w/o crosstalk: without crosstalk; w/ crosstalk: with crosstalk.