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Recent Progress of Biomarker Detection Sensors

Table 2

Electrochemistry-based sensors for PSA, CEA, and AFP detection.

TargetStrategyLoDLinear rangeReferences

PSAEM2 pg/mL3 pg/mL-60 ng/mL[28]
EM1 pg/mL100 pg/mL-100 ng/mL[40]
EM0.1 pg/mL-0.1 mg/mL[64]
EM0.29 pg/mL1 pg/mL-10 ng/mL[30]
EM0.03 pg/mL0.1 pg/mL-10 ng/mL[49]
EM0.03 pg/mL0.1 pg/mL-100 ng/mL[50]
EM0.25 fg/mL@SWSV
3.04 fg/mL@DPSV
BD15 fg/mL[99]
DS100 fg/mL[105]
DS0.31 pg/mL0.001 ng/mL−100 ng/mL[115]
DS16.6 fg/mL50 fg/mL-40 ng/mL[113]
DS1 ng/mL1 ng/mL-100 ng/mL[114]
DS2.6 pg/mL5 pg/mL-50 ng/mL[116]
DS17 fg/mL0.05 pg/mL-100 pg/mL[112]

CEAEM0.5 pg/mL0.025 ng/mL–25 ng/mL[42]
EM0.23 ng/mL1.0 ng/mL-25.0 ng/mL[35]
EM8 pg/mL12 pg/mL-85 ng/mL[28]
EM0.05 pg/mL-1.25 pg/mL[70]
EM1.4 pg/mL0.005 ng/mL-20 ng/mL[43]
BD1.8 pg/mL[93]
BD1.90 fg/mL2 fg/mL-500 fg/mL[100]

AFPEM3 pg/mL0.01 ng/mL-100 ng/mL[26]
EM0.096 ng/mL0.8 ng/mL-10 μg/mL[69]
BD0.3 pg/mL[93]
BD1.36 fg/mL2 fg/mL-500 fg/mL[100]
BD122.4 fg/mL136 fg/mL-34 pg/mL[96]
BD0.2 pg/mL0.4 pg/mL-40 ng/mL[98]
DS0.33 pg/mL1 pg/mL-20 ng/mL[103]
DS0.01 pg/mL0.02 pg/mL-10 ng/mL[108]
DS6.7 fg/mL20 fg/mL-100 ng/mL[110]

EM: electrode modification; BD: biomarker decoration; DS: double strategies.

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