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Magnetic Nanomotor-Based Maneuverable SERS Probe

Table 1

Raman peak assignments for the intracellular SERS signals captured with MNM-SPs in the HepG-2 cell [71, 7880].

Raman shift (cm-1)AssignmentRaman shift (cm-1)Assignment

564C-cl stretching2096C ≡ C stretching
785Cytosine, uracil (ring, stretching)2237N=C=O stretching
1086C-O stretching2410C ≡ CH stretching
1102PO2- stretching (symmetric)2592S-H stretching
1323Guanine2933CH3 and CH2 stretching
1441CH2 deformation3066(C=CH-H) stretching
1650-1680Amide I