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Sensors, Biosensors, and Analytical Technologies for Aquaculture Water Quality

Table 1

Laboratory-based analytical techniques for organic contaminants in aquaculture samples.

Target analyteMatrixAnalytical techniquePerformanceRef.
Dynamic rangeLOD

PAHsFish fillet from gilthead sea bream (S. aurata)GC/QqQ-MS/MS0.2-200 ng/ml0.02 μg/kg-0.1 μg/kg[32]
Fish muscle from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
GC–ECD1–200 ng/ml0.1 (PCB 105)–1.4 (PCB 153) ng/g[35]
OCPsMuscle tissues of five fish species (O. mossambicus, L. parsia, E. suretensis, C. striata, and S. wynaadensis)GC-MS5–200 ppb0.7–18.2 ng/ml[38]
AntibioticsFish muscle from gilthead sea bream (S. aurata)UHPLC-MS/MS50–300 μg/kgNIL[39]