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Utilizing Electroplex Emission to Achieve External Quantum Efficiency up to 18.1% in Nondoped Blue OLED

Table 1

Thermal, electrochemical, and photophysical data of the luminogens.

a (°C)b (°C)c (eV)d (eV)e (eV)solvf (nm)filmg (nm)solvf (nm)solvf (%)solvh (ns)filmg (ns)


a5% weight loss temperature measured by TGA under N2. bGlass transition temperature measured by DSC under N2. cBand gap estimated from optical absorption band edge of the solution. dCalculated from the onset oxidation potentials of the compounds. eEstimated using empirical equations . fDetermined in THF solution. gOn glass. hObserved from absorption spectra in dilute THF solution, 10 μM.