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Biocompatible and Biodegradable Functional Polysaccharides for Flexible Humidity Sensors

Figure 4

Smart noncontact sensor. (a) Dynamic humidity-sensing curves of flexible sensor with different finger distances. (b) Cross-sectional FEM image shows humidity distribution with lateral color gradient around the finger position (20 mm). (c) Relationship curves of RH and distance () conducted by FEM analysis, which is close to the estimated value from the sensor. (d) Enlarged FEM image of humidity distribution around the finger position (10 mm). (e) Repeated response circles of the noncontact sensor (10 mm). (f) The 3D mapping of the noncontact sensor when the fingertip approaches the relative center area of the device. The inset is the photograph of this process. (g) Demonstration (top) and circuit diagram (bottom) of the noncontact smart switch system for two LED lights. (h) Optical image of reversible LED light brightness change of the noncontact sensor under different distances or RHs. (i) Reversible current response of the noncontact sensor under different distances and RH.