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Nanoelectromechanical Sensors Based on Suspended 2D Materials

Figure 6

Microphone: (a) fabrication method of the suspended membrane (according to Figure 1); (b, f) images of an example device [146]. (c–e) Working principle: the sound pressure-dependent deflection of the membrane is detected via its capacitance with respect to the backplate. Ultrasound detector: (a) fabrication of the suspended membrane; (h) example device [181] and (i, j) working principle: the graphene membrane is moved by the ultrasound-induced motion of its supports, and its motion is detected using transconductance readout. Accelerometer: (k) fabrication of the suspended membrane; (l, m) example device [72], (n–p) working principle: the acceleration-induced forces on the suspended mass cause tension in the graphene that is detected using the piezoresistive effect. (q) The output signal of an accelerometer [72].