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Highly Selective Biomimetic Flexible Tactile Sensor for Neuroprosthetics

Figure 4

Demonstrations of the Ruffini-ending-inspired flexible shear force sensor with the ability to selectively respond to static and sliding friction forces. (a, b) The perception of weight related to the static friction force. The robotic hand equipped with the sensor grasped a bottle with a constant force. The capacitance increased as the water volume increased, which corresponded to the static friction force. (c, d) The perception of slippage related to the sliding friction force. A glove equipped with the sensor was put on to perform the sliding action. The capacitance decreased immediately as soon as sliding began. (e, f) The characteristic nonsensitivity to the normal force. Weights of 20 g, 50 g, and 100 g were put on this Ruffini-ending-inspired sensor, in that order.