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One-Step High-Temperature-Synthesized Single-Atom Platinum Catalyst for Efficient Selective Hydrogenation

Figure 1

(a) One-step high-temperature synthesis of Pt1/MoC catalyst via arc-discharge route. (b) HRTEM image and (c) crystal structure of single-crystal MoC. The crystal plane parameters and selected fast Fourier transform (FFT) results are demonstrated in (b). (d) HAADF-STEM image; (e) EDS Mo, C, and Pt mappings; and (f) aberration-corrected STEM-HAADF image of Pt1/MoC. The presence of atomically dispersed Pt in (f) is highlighted by the red circles. Inset in (f) is the FFT data of Pt1/MoC. (g) FT-EXAFS spectra of Pt1/MoC and bulk Pt foil at the Pt -edge, showing the surrounding atoms adjacent to Pt atoms.