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One-Step High-Temperature-Synthesized Single-Atom Platinum Catalyst for Efficient Selective Hydrogenation

Table 1

Study of various solid catalysts for the selective hydrogenation of quinolinea.

EntryCatalystConv. (%)Sel. (%)TOF (h-1)bTOF (h-1)c

1d2% Pt/MoC>99>993932038
21% Pt/MoC95.8>997662465
3e0.5% Pt/MoC76.6>9912252792
4f0.2% Pt/MoC96.3>9919213143
7h,i1% Pt/MoC54.8>99219815
8j1% Pt/MoC61.7>994941630
91% Pt/NbC75.995.6582
101% Pt/WC42.692.7318
111% Pt/TiC56.894.9433
121% Pd/MoC81.372.5470
131% Ru/MoC85.290.6623
141% Au/MoC66.298.1525
15k1% Pt/MoC82.5>99659
161% Au/TiO234.775.9216

aReaction conditions: 0.025 mol% metal, 2 mL toluene, 4.15 mmol quinoline, 2 MPa H2, 100°C, 5 h. bAverage TOF based on total metal sites. cTOF based on surface Pt sites and 20% quinoline conversion. d0.05 mol% Pt. e0.0125 mol% Pt. f0.01 mol% Pt. g0.005 mol% Pt. h10 h. i60°C. j1 MPa H2. k1% Pt/MoC prepared by conventional impregnation route.