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Bacterial Template Synthesis of Multifunctional Nanospindles for Glutathione Detection and Enhanced Cancer-Specific Chemo-Chemodynamic Therapy

Figure 3

(a) TEM image of EMD NSs and (b) corresponding length () and width () histograms. An enlarged version of (a) was given in Figure S7 for clearer observation. (c) Zeta potential results of EM NSs, free DOX, and EMD NSs. (d) TEM image and (e) corresponding size histogram of EMD NSs after incubation with GSH (2.0 mM). (f) Schematic illustration of EMD NSs before and after GSH incubation. (g) FL images of different solutions/suspensions as indicated.  nm and  nm. (h) GSH concentration- ([GSH]-) dependent FL spectra of EMD NSs.  nm. (i) Relationship between (at 555 nm) and [GSH] (0–2000 μM). Inset: linear fitting result of versus [GSH] in the [GSH] range of 0–200 μM.