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Bacterial Template Synthesis of Multifunctional Nanospindles for Glutathione Detection and Enhanced Cancer-Specific Chemo-Chemodynamic Therapy

Figure 4

(a) O2 generation in H2O2 solutions (100 μM) after addition of EM or EMD NSs (Mn concentration: 0.6 mM). (b) Linear fitting of versus Mn concentration for EMD NS suspensions and (c) T1-weighted MR images of EMD NS suspensions at varied Mn concentrations without (−) or with (+) GSH (2.0 mM). (d) Photographs and (e) UV–vis absorption spectra of MB-containing solutions after different treatments as indicated. The groups 1 and 3 were prepared in H2O, and the groups 2 and 4–7 were prepared in Na2CO3/NaHCO3 buffer solutions. (f) DOX release kinetics of EMD NSs in the presence or absence of GSH (2.0 mM) in solutions with different pH values (7.4 or 6.5). (g) Confocal images of MCF-7 cancer cells and MCF-10A normal cells after treatment with free DOX or EMD NSs followed by Hoechst 33342 staining (to visualize nuclei). (h) FL intensities of cells treated without (control) or with free DOX, EM NSs, and EMD NSs. and .