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Functional Charge Transfer Plasmon Metadevices

Figure 5

(a) A 3D schematic of the proposed metallodielectric dimer platform. (b) A top-view image of the dimer configuration including the geometrical parameters. (c) Normalized extinction spectra of the bridged dimer for the following conditions: air, a-GST, c-GST, and full gold. (d, e) (i) top-view and (ii) cross-sectional view of the -field maps along the bridged dimer for the dipole and CTP modes in full gold limit, respectively. (f, g) (i) top-view and (ii) cross-sectional view of the -field distributions corresponding to the dipolar (a-GST) and CTP (c-GST) modes. (iii) -field intensity diagrams at the position of each CTP and dipolar modes for all the studied cases. (h) The transmission ratio of the proposed metallodielectric switch in on (c-GST) and off (a-GST) conditions [43]. Copyright 2017, Nature Publishing Group. (i) An artistic sketch and (j) top-view of the studied metallodielectric cluster. (k) Normalized extinction plot of the GST-sublayer mediated hexamer configuration for a-GST and c-GST. (l) Surface charge density plots of the dipolar and CTP resonances for a-GST and c-GST cases, respectively. (m) The transmission and reflection modulation spectra as a function of wavelength. (n) The modulation depth plot of the proposed switch mechanism [44]. Copyright 2017, IEEE.