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Recent Advances in Single-Atom Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Figure 10

Oxygen reduction reaction via 4e- pathway on SAECs with binary metals and single ligands. (a) ORR LSV curves of as-prepared catalysts in acid electrolyte. Reproduced from [123]. (b) Comparison of half-wave potential and JK. Reproduced from [123]. (c) ORR mechanism on (Fe,Co)/N-C. Reproduced from [123]. (d) ORR polarization curves of as-prepared catalysts in alkaline solution. Reproduced from [131]. (e) Optimized structure of Zn/CoN-C. Reproduced from [131]. (f) Comparison of adsorbed O2 on different active centers. Reproduced from [131]. (g) List of reported Fe-N-C configurations. Reproduced from [160]. (h) Calculated models of different substrates. Reproduced from [161].