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White Laser Realized via Synergic Second- and Third-Order Nonlinearities

Figure 2

Experiment layout. (a) Microscopic image of the fabricated sample surface of a typical 1D CPPLN structure. (b) High-magnification view of the CPPLN sample, in which one can see that the lengths of negative and positive domains are unequal. (c) Fabricated CPPLN sample after encapsulation by sandwiching it within two glass sheets for convenience of experimental operating and testing. (d) Schematic diagram of the experimental setup. (e) Measured spectra of the tunable femtosecond pump source at each specific central wavelength from 1200 nm to 1500 nm of 50 nm intervals alongside the corresponding average power. (f) The transmission curve of filter. (g, h) Spectral broadening for the pump laser pulse with central wavelength 1200 nm and 1500 nm passing through a bare LN crystal.