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White Laser Realized via Synergic Second- and Third-Order Nonlinearities

Table 1

Definition of the wave-vector mismatch as used in Figure 1 for different nonlinear three-wave mixing processes that contributes to SHG and THG.

Harmonic orderWave-vector mismatching in three-wave mixing processesQPM band

2nd HG in e-polarizationB1, B2
3rd HG in e-polarizationB2, B3
2nd HG in o-polarizationB1, B2
3rd HG in o-polarizationB2, B3

is the wave vector of the th HG wave within a LiNbO3 crystal. The superscript indicates the polarization of the mixing wave. The wave number is given by , where is the wave number of the FW in vacuum and is the refractive index of LiNbO3 under the polarization of at the th HG wavelength .