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Biopolymer Nanofibers for Nanogenerator Development

Figure 7

Development of CNC-derived NGs. (a) Digital image of a CNC/PDMS composite film. (b) Open-circuit voltage and (c) short-circuit current density of a pure PDMS film-derived TENG and a CNC/PDMS composite film-derived TENG. (d) Schematic showing the preparation of CNC/indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes. (e) Schematic of the fabricated CNC-derived TENG. Digital images of (f) the various components, (g) the cross-sectional view, and (h) the top view of the CNC-derived transparent TENG. (a)–(c) are reproduced with permission from Ref. [191], copyright 2017 Nanoscale. (d)–(h) are reproduced with permission from Ref. [192], copyright 2018 Nano Energy.

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