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Low-Cost and Scalable Platform with Multiplexed Microwell Array Biochip for Rapid Diagnosis of COVID-19

Figure 4

Clinical validation of the RT-LAMP detection platform with the real samples of COVID-19 patients from the West China Hospital, Chengdu. (a) The detection process using our platform, including RNA extraction, amplification, and results reading. (b) Photographs of the microwell chip mounted on the platform prior to the addition of RT-LAMP buffer and clinical samples. (c) The color in microwell changes from pink to yellow with positive samples. (d) Detection results of clinical samples on the microwell array. (e) The diagnostic accuracy for the clinical samples based on our platform against reference laboratory diagnosis (compared with RT-qPCR as a benchmark), based on a total of 130 clinical samples (87 COVID-19 positive and 43 negative).