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Current Research Trends and Perspectives on Solid-State Nanomaterials in Hydrogen Storage

Figure 15

(a) Preparation of the self-assembled MgH2 on three-dimensional (3D) metal interacted carbon. (b) SEM images of metal interacted carbon. (c) SEM and (d) TEM images of the MgH2 embedded hollow 3D architecture of carbon (MHCH). The inset (d) shows the histogram distribution of MHCH size distributions. (e) Hydrogen absorption (at 10 bar) and (f) desorption (at 0.01 bar) of the MHCH at different temperatures. The inset (e) shows the hydrogen absorption of the MHCH at 25°C for 250 h. Reproduced with permission [222]. Copyright 2017, Royal Society of Chemistry.